I claim this fire

As some of you know, I’ve been working on a new full length artist album for a while now. Recyclomania was released more than 10 years ago so it’s about time. The working title for the album is “I claim this fire” and I’m very proud of the material I have so far. I will try and keep you better informed about the progress, post some snippets soon etc.

I am in doubt however about the project I should release this under. The “Benjamin Bates” project is best known for being cheeky-electro-poppish but still dancefloor minded where “Bates45” material was much more saturday-night-dark-and-minimal. The new songs are neither to be honest. Most are much more alternative and less fit for DJ mixes…

As I see it now, there’s two options:

  1. Create a new project for the album and keep the sound of the projects as-is.
  2. Use the “Benjamin Bates” moniker for the new album and start a new project for the techy-electro-stuff (Tigermode is an option)

Some day soon I will probably have a moment of clarity and figure this out but for now I am very much in doubt. Choices, choices.